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What is the shape of your Object-Relationship curve?

I recently moved, and so have been thinking about objects. Which to keep, which to toss, which to buy for the new place, etc. I would ask my friends, but I know that I'd get conflicting answers. Some of my friends are concerned with function über alles, while others are obsessed primarily with how things look. This got me to thinking about form vs. function -- and how do I feel about them?

I plotted all possible objects in form-function space and gave them names:

Of course! All I have to do is get only elegant things, and I'll be set. Unfortunately, some are not available and others are too expensive. I am going to have to learn to deal with some trade offs. How are these properties related? I am sure that more of one can make up for less of the other, so here I plot a simplistic way of showing the merit of a given object across form-function space, by drawing iso-lines of what I'll call and object's Personal Value for now:

Assuming those iso-lines describe how I deal with objects, I wonder how I could represent my friends and family members? I think they would be slanted at different angles, like this:

It's very helpful to have a way to categorize my friends; I was wondering what to call all those categories that Facebook allows me to create.

I'll bet some people have more distance between the pairs of lines. I'll call that distance a person's Object Hysteresis. Some people will hang onto that backpack for years even though it's not optimal for them anymore, while others will toss it as soon as they discover that and head straight to REI. Still others (minimalists) will toss it, but wait until they find a replacement with much, much higher Object Value, which could take years.

What do your Object-Relationship curves look like in Form-Function space?


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